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Amino Selstar

Amino Selstar (organic selenium) is a feed premix with aminoacids designed supplement selenium deficiencies. It ensures the correct development of the animals and greatly improves their immune system.

The selenium in Amino Selstar is characterized by very high bioavailability.

  • Lower susceptibility to infections and diseases
  • Correct functioning of muscles
  • Correct reproduction
  • Correct functioning of internal organs
  • Better growth




Feed chelates are microelement organic compounds effectively supplementing deficiency of elements, ensuring correct development of the organism ad improving animal health.


Glystar and Glystar Forte chelates are absorbed by the organism in the way typical of amino acids (glycine). This largely expedites and facilitates assimilation of the microelements supplied and supports their delivery to the place where they are needed most. Glycine is an amino acid with the highest bioavailability.