Zootexnia S.A.

The company was founded in 1998 as Zootexnia Ltd and was active in the feedstuff and aquafeed industry market, trading in vitamins and several feed additives groups.

Currently, the company continues as Zootexnia S.A. (since 2011) and is active in:

Outsourcing and trading

Outsourcing and trading quality raw materials and feed additives for aquafeed and animal feed.

Producing and supplying

Producing and supplying tailor-made additives to primary sector & feed industries


Providing least cost formulation consultancy for feed industries & professional farmers.

Our Goal

At Zootexnia our goal is simply to long-term serve the best interests of our clients by delivering superior technical performance, valuable know-how and innovative products.

Our Products


Coated Organic Acids in liquid form

Chelmax ZN 15-25kg


Absorbed by the organism in the way typical of amino acids



Protected by-pass soybean meal for high performing lactating cows.


Essential amino acid for mammals, poultry, and fish

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Feed Industry Equipment

Insectomat 5K

Insectomat is a sampling and screening devise for grain storage incests.

Holmen Pellet Tester NHP 100

Holmen Pellet TesterĀ® is a device that measures the durability of the pelletized biomass.

CS30 Truck probe

The CS30 truck probe / grain sampler can be used to sample a selection of products


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Our basic principle remains, supplying nutritional and farm management services for the best utilization of raw materials with the most economical production of quality food, always under the condition of animal and fish, welfare and health.

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