Full fat soybean meal using the same patented technology as Soypass. To be used similarly with protected soybean meal. Contains high amounts of bypass fat.

SoyPreme™ contains bypass protected protein and oil. It provides a high level of rumen undegradable yet highly digestible protein and oil that is perfect to support today’s higher milk and beef production.

Energy in the form of unsaturated fatty acids and protein rich in lysine is delivered to the intestine for digestion. The fatty acid content is extremely interesting for influencing the composition of end products (milk and butter).

SoyPreme™ is a cost effective source of bypass protein and oil, consistent and reliable, boosting animal performance (a positive reaction with the performance of beef cattle).

SoyPreme™ protects the protein and oil while in the rumen, but allows it to be fully digested within the small intestine. Consequently, better utilization of the essential amino acids and fatty acids occur, resulting in improved milk and meat quality, production and growth.

Benefits of feeding SoyPreme™:

  • Increased level of polyunsaturated fatty acids in milk and meat products
  • Improved milk yield
  • Improved feed conversion for beef steers
  • Improved meat quality from beef producing animals
  • Improved characteristics of processed milk products
  • Increased energy density without the negative feed intake effects associated with high fat diets.